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So here is the highlight version so far 2020:

Photography has been a big part of my life since childhood, my mother and father were always taking pictures. Before the internet, photographs were mailed to family. My dad had a large format Polaroid camera and I remember how magical the original polaroid pictures were. The exposure popped out of the camera and was processed between two sheets of steel and then after a minute or so the positive layer was removed from the negative to reveal the picture, it was magic! A love for photography began early..

I was born in Stirling, Scotland and emigrated to Toronto, Canada as a child. I feel like a Canadian in Scotland and more Scottish in Canada. I'm grateful to have had the experience of two "home countries". My work experience has been very diverse and has given me many great experiences. My dream career in photography was to be a touring photographer like Annie Leibovitz. I found that career choice was not as easy as I thought, but I was lucky enough in 2002 to tour with the Rolling Stones through California and also lucky enough to experience magical days with U2 in Toronto. I worked with Celebrity Chef Susur Lee for 6 years and have met many wonderful people through my counselling training. My photographic work has been exhibited in Scotland at the National Gallery in Edinburgh, and is included in major collections such as Rideau Hall in Ottawa, Canada. I have also been lucky enough to be published in The British Journal of Photography, Chatelaine Magazine, Toronto Life and many others.

Throughout my life I have had careers in Corporate, Portrait and Wedding Photography, Hotel/Restaurant Management and Counselling. I studied psychology and photography at college in Toronto, and when I returned to Scotland I completed a post-graduate and masters degree in counselling from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. My masters research project was a pilot study undertaken at Stirling University in the counselling unit titled
Measuring The Usefulness Of Photographic Metaphor in Brief Person-centred/Experiential Therapy. Currently I am working on a personal project working through traumatic family history; an ancestral healing project called Listen To The Whispers. I could go on forever but I am sure that is enough, for now…

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FROM AN EXISTENTIAL VIEW… No one said it was going to be easy… I'm consciously uncomfortable… (still) a work in progress.

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